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Tile Pedestal Roof System

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Want a nice deck on your flat roof? We can do that for you! JACO Contracting offers pedestal roofing systems for rooftops. The pedestal technology (fixed height or adjustable height) allows for the installation of a livable space on top of the waterproof roof.

The platform is installed on top of adjustable height pedestals that are placed on top of the waterproof roof. No penetration of the waterproof occurs. This technology allows for an elevated and a perfectly level surface for the installation of the wood tile roofing system.

The system allows free-flowing drainage on roofs where the paving mimics the roof’s slope. The top layer allows extra protection from the elements facilitating a longer life span for the roof.

Roof maintenance is easy as a block section can be easily removed and reinstalled to address any maintenance below the tiles. For example, if an existing drain needs cleaning, generally only a few screws need to be loosened to remove the section of the platform necessary to allow access. Reinstall is equally simple.

Rooftops will have a beautiful appeal where you can take advantage of the extra space and views in a beautiful roofing system.

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