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When it comes to a damaged roof, we are your go-to solution to get it fixed right up. The most obvious damage to a homeowner is missing shingles on the roof. That is an obvious sign of wind damage that has been incurred by your roof. Typically if you see something like that, there is more than likely additional damages that you can not see. Another obvious sign of roof damage is when you have an interior leak. Sometimes this can be caused by the deterioration of some of the roofing components and other times it is a sign of something much more serious. Some not so obvious signs of damage that must be looked at by a professional with years of experience is potential hail damage on the roof. Hail damage is something that is difficult to spot on a roof by an untrained eye. If you are experiencing any of these, or simply want to have your roof check out, call JACO Contracting for a Free Roof Inspection.

Roof repairs can typically be completed by our expert roofers in a day’s time and have you back to your life. Whether we are just changing a few shingles, or if we need to fix an entire area of a roof, we can handle any size roof repair.

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