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Keeping your Home Warm in the Winter – JACO Contracting: Georgia’s Top Roofers

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Winter is just around the corner and most people prefer a nice warm house during the cold winter months.  However, a warm house can result in astronomical heating bills.  The type of roof that you choose can help keep your home warm at less costs during the winter months.

Choose the Right Material  

At JACO, we install Owens-Corning asphalt shingle roofs. Asphalt shingles reflect about 30% of the light that hits your home, meaning your home is able to absorb more heat from the sun, which enables your home to stay warmer and more comfortable.

Choose the Right Roof Color

The color of your roof will have a significant effect on your home’s inside temperatures. A darker color will absorb more heat and keep your home warmer.  A lighter color will help to keep your home cooler since it would be more reflective.  Therefore, to help maintain a warm home during the winter months, a dark colored roof is generally the preferred choice due to its ability to absorb and hold more heat from the sun.

Which color will be the best?  

The best color for you will depend on the type of weather you experience in your part of Georgia and whether you want a cooler home (lighter shingles) or a warmer home (darker shingles).  Another thing to consider would be your home’s color pallet.  Your roof should compliment the look of your home.  JACO’s professionals can help you to choose a color that meets your climate needs and looks beautiful.


Insulation plays an important role during the winter months.  It helps keep heat from escaping from the interior of your home. If you do not have insulation in your attic, or you are not sure whether your insulation is adequate, call JACO for a consultation.  Our experts will ensure that your home is properly insulated, which can save you money on heating and cooling.


During winter, your home’s roof vents should be open to allow moisture in your attic to escape.  A properly ventilated attic helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew.  If you are unsure whether your ventilation system is open or whether it is adequate for the size of your attic, JACO can help.


Before the winter months hit with a vengeance, have your roof inspected to ensure that all systems are adequate and functioning.  Your roof is one of the most important sections of your home, as it plays a major role in keeping your home warm or cool enough.

Good roofing materials, colors, insulation and ventilation can help you maintain optimal home temperature and ideal comfort levels. Therefore, if you’re looking for a new roof or your current one is due for a replacement, consideration of those features are key.

Call JACO today for a free roof inspection.  Stay warm and cozy this winter with a properly functioning roofing system.

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