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Avoiding Fall Leaf Peril – JACO is Georgia’s preferred roofing maintenance contractor

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Fall is the time of year when the leaves turn the most beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red in Georgia. But when the leaves finally fall, you could be left with clogged gutters and a mess on your roof.

If the leaves are not removed quickly, they could cause serious damage to your property, especially if they are wet. When moisture is trapped under the leaves, it could rot your shingles, dribble into your home, rot exposed wood and stain your ceiling and walls. Anywhere that water goes, mold will likely follow. When gutters are clogged, water could pool on your roof, pour onto ruin expensive landscaping, and pool around your foundation.

But removing leaves can be a dangerous job. In the U.S. alone, ladder-related injuries are among the top emergency room visits. Most ladders that can reach a roof are extremely unstable. In addition, property owners often wear athletic shoes with smooth or worn soles making it easy to slip and fall from the ladder or roof. Indeed, most property owners do not know how to use a safety harness. This is a recipe for disaster.

That is why JACO offers our roof maintenance program. We want to help property owners avoid damage and disasters, especially injuries. Our experienced team safely and efficiently removes leaves and debris from your roof and gutters and we do so at an affordable price. As an added bonus, we take the time to look for signs of existing damage which, if caught early, could permit a property owner to make repairs before they become extensive.

Enjoy your fall without a fall! Sign up for our roof maintenance program today and schedule a cleaning appointment for a time convenient for you. We maintain both residential and commercial properties in Metro Atlanta, including Decatur and Loganville, Marietta and communities inside and outside of the perimeter. Our prices are affordable and our team is the most professional in the business. JACO is Georgia’s preferred roofing contractor for roof installation, repair, and maintenance. Contact JACO at (770) 385-5788 to schedule your free inspection.

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