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JACO Commercial Roofing Job – Buckhead, Atlanta – The Manor House

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Top Commercial Roofing Job – Buckhead, Atlanta

Check out some awesome visuals from another of our significant commercial roofing jobs. This is a re-roof of a condominium complex known as The Manor House in Buckhead, Atlanta. These kinds of jobs present many challenges.

All of those challenges were deftly handled by JACO Pro Ben Wages and his team. The size of the roof means the job must be handled in sections. You don’t want to do a big tear down and have rains come before the re-roof! This building has a lot of residents, and the crew had to accommodate them while the work was underway.

The location is in a busy area in the city and required special attention to the logistics of getting the crew and material in place when needed. In this case, Ben and his team used a huge scaffold – which allowed for the team and materials to be moved from the ground efficiently. Commercial roofing jobs typically require roofers to carefully address the systems on the roof – such as HVAC.

All handled! JACO soars over Georgia! JACO keeps SAFE all kinds of structures and the people who live and work in them. No job is too big. None too small. Oh, and by the way, the two large condos behind The Manor constitute the Heritage Place condos. Ben and his team re-roofed those also about a year ago! Look how beautiful these three structures are with new JACO-installed roofs. Well done, JACO men! 

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