New Home Construction

New Home Construction in Georgia

JACO Contracting is a leader in the Southeast for new home construction in some of the area’s most attractive cities to include Atlanta, GA, and surrounding metropolitan areas. If you are a Georgia resident and shopping around for companies who can provide the best service, you can count on JACO Contracting as one of GA’s most successful and respected home builders.

We build homes ranging from 3-6 bedrooms to include single-family homes, townhomes, and multi-family condos. Our skilled professionals come equipped to provide any design plan you prefer to include: 

  • Open-concept plan
  • Traditional two-story plan
  • Master-on-Main
  • Town home
  • Ranch
  • Many other custom designs

JACO Contracting has the right professionals who are dedicated to new home construction that combines a superior blend of quality craftsmanship, excellent design, and professionalism. Homeowners can also rest assured that we always strive to build the best possible using the right materials and features that makes every project affordable for the homeowner

We Care About You

Our professionals take pride in helping customers build a quality, custom home at an affordable price. In addition, we take pride in our ability to find out what the customers wants and needs and what their expectations are before we begin any project. We strive to always provide every customer the highest caliber of service.

We believe that building a home should be enjoyable and stress-free. Many customers have a very busy lifestyle and do not always have the time to search out available properties or land. There may also be no time to talk with mortgage lenders or banks to secure financing for construction.

Our professionals are skilled in solving time-consuming issues for customers by organizing the home building process. We can provide you with a designer who can take your ideas for building a house and come up with the perfect dream home for you. If you already have own plans, we can sit down with you and review your plans to help you achieve your ultimate goal of building the perfect dream home.

In addition to building homes of outstanding quality and craftsmanship, we are also dedicated to building lasting relationships because this shows that we care about you. Our team involves an entire community to include suppliers, vendors, agents, subcontractors, and of course, you. We bring all of these key players together at JACO Contracting since they all have a role in the ongoing success of every design.

What to Expect With New Home Construction in Georgia

The average price per square foot depends on whether the location is within rural or urban Georgia. Home builders charge around $60-$130 per square foot for standard tract-type homes while the high-end ones cost double. If you want to build a house around the Atlanta area, the typical tract-type homes are usually priced at $100-$110 per square foot, and again you should expect a higher cost for custom-built ones. You will also have to include the cost the land price, sewerage system, and other internal pipes.

Regarding home construction type, custom homes can be expected to get done within 10-16 months. For production homes, anticipate the construction time to be much quicker, and these types of projects can be finished in a matter of 4-6 months. This calculation is based on the availability of supplies and the number of workers that commensurate the style of the home. 

Custom homes are usually built using a design plan that includes the preferences of individual customers. With this type of project, there are specific requirements that builders must follow and meet. Each customer has different specifications when it comes to the floor plan, fixtures, colors, type of paint, and other materials. If you want this type of home, you will need to maintain an active collaboration with the builder. Communication with the builders is important to ensure that everything goes right exactly to your specifications.

Tract homes are known for their uniformity regarding the floor plan. If you plan to build this type of home, you can expect to get it built for a much lower price. The traditional floor plan makes it easy for the builders to construct tract homes because there are no limitations to their volume and the same construction methods can be applied to several homes. Since the same construction methods are repeated with this type of home, the materials are usually cheaper since they often come prefabricated and contractors often buy them in huge volume to provide savings the customer.

Reasons to Choose Us

When building a new home, you want to be confident that the plan and design you choose meets all of your needs as well as fulfills your dreams. Our professional team of homebuilders will help you accomplish this by offering you a wide selection of homes. The homes we offer help balance your tastes and lifestyle with a price range you can afford through customized design plans. We accomplish this for every customer by using the right combination of experience, knowledge, and attention to detail to provide superior results. You can count on us for expert craftsmanship, quality materials, elegant elevations, and thoughtfully designed floor plans.

Make Your Dream a Reality

We know that a new home construction in GA is more than just a place to live, it is where new life begins to create lasting memories. Our growing success has allowed us to expand into several GA communities so that we can help you realize the dream of home ownership. We strive to make you feel comfortable every step away and stand behind every home we build. We know exactly how important your new home is to you as a major investment which is why we guide you through the entire process from start to finish. We take pride in our reputation for providing custom home designs that will make your dream become a reality.​